Auto-Response Campaign Types

With Axon you can create a campaign that will response to emails sent to you.  You can have Axon respond to all emails send to you or only when specific key words exist in the Subject or Body of the email that was sent to you. 

The image below is showing an Auto-Response Campaign that will be sent as a reply to any emails sent to the address in the Send From text box. With the campaign in the image below, if an email is sent to " " with a subject that contains the words "Product X" or "Demo", Axon will reply to that email with this campaigns settings (attached files, PDF Reports, Body Content, Dynamic Content, Survey, etc).  

With the Auto-Response Campaign types, the Recipients list is not used.

Steps to create an Auto-Response Campaign:

  1. Create a new campaign as you would normally
  2. Select the "Auto-Response" Campaign Type
  3. Type the key words you want Axon to react to into the Response Key Words text box, each separated by a semi-colon.  If you want Axon to reply to all emails for the given email address, leave this empty.
  4. Check "Enabled Schedule" and "Scheduler Controlled"
  5. Click on the Body menu option and provide the content of the email you want to be sent as your reply to incoming emails.  You may use all of the Axon features (Attached Files, PDF Reports, Dynamic Inserts, etc).
  6. That's it!