Drip eMail Marketing (a.k.a Threaded) Campaigns

Creating email content for Threaded Campaigns is different than with Newsletters, Lists, etc. Threaded Campaigns have threads which are like sub-campaigns. Each Thread has posts, a post is an email to a specific user. You can manage the posts of your threaded campaign from the Thread Posts report in the Reports menu (this menu option is only visible if your Campaign is of type Threaded). Threads are sent to each person in your recipients list in sequential order. You define how a person is added to a thread and how it completes as well as how the next thread the person receives is initiated. Depending on the Thread Start conditions you set, it's possible for people to get added to a thread within the middle of your thread line. For example, if you have five threads and set thread three with a Start Condition of Role and enter "Purchased Green Earth" into the Start Parameters, Axon will add any new users of the role "Purchased Green Earth" to your Campaign and start them on Thread three, bypassing the previous threads. If you select Start Type of Role, enter each role into the Start Parameters delimited with a semi-colon. Ex: "Subscribers;Registered Users;". If you select Start Type of Profile Value, enter the profile name with an equal sign and then the value that must be met in order for people to be processed on this thread. For example: "Purchase=Green Earth". If you select Start or End Types of None, Axon will process them using the standard conditions, meaning users will be moved to the next thread without a Read Confirmed response or waiting for you to manually force the user to the next thread.


Start Parameters: With the current release of Axon, the Start Parameters relate to the Role and Profile Value Start Types. If you select the Role Start Type, you will need to enter the Role name into the Start Parameters.  If you select Profile Value then you need to specify the name of the Profile Field Name followed by the value you want to trigger the start event.  For example, if you want the thread to start for all registered users in the Ohio Region then you would enter "Region=Ohio" into the Start Parameters.

To manage the threads in your campaign, click on the Thread Posts menu item in the Reports menu.  On this report, you can add notes to any post, manually force a post to the next thread or delete the post. Click on the image below for a screen shot of this.