List Email Campaigns

The List campaign type allows you to setup a group of people who can collaborate via emails. Any email sent to the email address specified in a campaign will automatically be forwarded to everyone on the campaigns recipient list.  

Follow the steps below to create a List type campaign:

  1. Click the "Create New Campaign" link on the main Axon screen
  2. Select the "List" Campaign Type
  3. Provide a name and description for your
  4. In the Subject, type the text you want Axon to respond to when processing this list.  Any email in your inbox that contains this text will be processed by this campaign. 
  5. Click Save
  6. Next, click on the Body menu option.  You will notice that Axon has placed the tags "[LISTBY]" and "[LISTBODY]" into the Body content.  Details about these tags are below.  Add any additional content you want to be added to your emails and then save your campaign.
  7. Click Save Campaign Body and CSS

To create multiple List Server Groups, you just need to create additional campaigns of the List type. 

Once your campaign has been created, you can add recipients through the Recipients menu and/or add the Axon Opt-In module to a page on your site to allow people to subscribe to your new campaign. If you want to allow people to view all of the email collaboration for one or more of your campaigns, use the Axon Viewer module.