Satellite Type Campaigns

Satellite campaign types are much like the Newsletter type except that the email body and subject are set from an email instead of directly in the Campaign itself.   With Satellite campaigns, Axon monitors the indicated POP3 inbox for any emails that are from specific people and then forwards those emails to everyone in the campaigns distribution list.


Who can initiate a Satellite Campaign Type?

In the campaigns “Assigned Roles” select the Roles you want to allow to initiate an email to everyone in the campaigns distribution list.

With Satellite Campaigns, the Email Subject and Body of the campaign are ignored at this time.   But these may be used in future releases. 


Why would I use the Satellite Campaign Type?

The Satellite campaign type can be used when you want to allow specific people the ability to email everyone in the campaigns distribution list without having to log-on to your site. You could use this campaign type to trigger an email to your customers from your phone or any computer/device with email/internet access. It’s the quickest way to get the word out fast.
Satellite Campaign Types are new in Axon.  More information will be provided soon.  Go to for more information.