Track Link Clicks

Tracking link clicks in your emails is just as important as tracking them on your site.  It's an automated way to find out what people are interested in without having to bribe them to fill out a survey.   Setting up links to be tracked with Axon is very simple.  Just enter the text to appear for the link, the URL of the link and then add the link tag to your email body.

Adding New Links:

  1. Click on the Tracked Links menu option in your campaign.
  2. Type a name for your link into the Link Name.  This is the text that will appear in your email for the link.
  3. Type the URL you want people to be taken to after clicking the link
  4. Click "Add New Link"

When your Tracked Links are clicked, Axon tracks who clicks them, when they clicked it, their IP Address and browser information.  You can view all of this detailed information from the Tracked Clicks Report.