Adding a survey to your email campaign allows your readers to provide feedback to you easily. Since they won’t have to be bothered with leaving their current task and browsing to a web site, you increase the chances of getting more feedback from your readers.  The ability to insert a survey into your emails are limited to prevent your email from being marked as spam. 

To add a survey to your email campaign:

  1. In the Table field, enter the name of a Table in your database that you want the results to saved to. This table must not exist; Axon will create this table for you.
  2. In the Return URL field, enter a web site address you would like your readers to be taken to once the survey submission is complete.
  3. In the Questions text box, enter each question you want added to the survey delimited using commas.
  4. Click the “Add/Update” link.
  5. After you have setup your survey, enter the token [SURVEY] into your main Content tab.

To Download Survey Results, click on the Download link next to the Delete link in the Survey tab. This link is only visible if you have added a survey to your campaign.