Axon Opt-In Module

The Opt-In DNN Module for Axon allows people to subscribe to campaigns you have setup in Axon by selecting the campaigns and clicking the "Subscribe" link.  If you are only displaying one campaign, then just the Subscribe link is displayed to your visitors, the list of available campaigns to choose from is hidden since there is only one campaign they can subscribe to.

List Manager: The Opt-In module contains the same Opt-In List Manager you will find your Campaign details.  It's made available in the Opt-In module for easy access.

Opt-In Log Download

When people subscribe to your campaigns, this is logged along with information about the users browser, what site they came from and their information they subscribed with.  This will give you more information about where your subscribers are coming from so that you can focus your marketing to fit your needs better.  You can download the log from the Options module menu option by clicking on the "Download Axon Opt-In Log" link.  The download is an XML file that you can view in most applications.

  • Hide Fields: If you just want to display the Email Address field, you can check the options "Hide First Name Field" and "Hide Last Name Field" in the options.
  • Register Users: Checking this option will register the users into your portal if they don't already exist as they subscribe to your campaigns.  If a user is already logged in, their email address, first and last name will be pre-filled into the fields to make it easier for them to subscribe to your campaigns.
  • Require Email Confirmation for new opt-ins (Double-Opt): Checking this option will force the subscriber to confirm their email address by clicking a link in an email that is sent to them.

Opt-In Templates

The Opt-In Templates contain the email template that is sent to subscribers when you require the Double-Opt in feature.  It also allows you to set the following:

  • Opt-Out URL: Enter the web page to redirect the user to after they click the Unsubscribe link in emails. Opt-Outs can also be processed by replying to your Campaigns emails with the word Unsubscribe in the subject.
  • Confirmation Page: If Double Opt-In is enabled, this is the URL the user is redirected to after they click the confirmation link in the email.