Add RSS Feeds To Your Emails

With Axon, you can add multiple RSS Feeds to your emails with options to control the total number of items to display, optionally display the RSS Feed Header, optionally display the RSS Category and Publication Date.  To add an RSS Feed to your campaign you can enter the RSS Tag directly into the email Body or you can use the "Email Content Helper" to add the RSS Feed to your campaign easily.

In the image below, two RSS Feeds have been added to the email body with the Body Content shown in raw HTML.  To add an RSS Feed, provide the RSS URL, Item Count, CSS Class and check the display options for the Header, Category and Publication Date. Then click the "Append RSS Feed To Email Body" link.  At that time, your RSS Feed tag will get appended to your email body and you can then move it to your desired location within your email.

If you want to add the RSS Feed manually, the syntax is:

An example of a real RSS Tag is:
[RSS:: mid=1623&cnt=;10;Normal;False;False;False;]