Axon Control Panel Options

The Control Panel menu option controls set the default SMTP/POP3 settings for all campaigns, what menu options are visible in the campaigns as well as other options that control how the module interacts with the user and how emails are processed.

There are additional options you can set at the Host level that control all instances of the Axon modules and the schedulers in the OnyakTech Library Module.  Click the image below for a screen shot of this .


Host Options:

  • Allow SQL Statements: Leaving this option unchecked will prevent any SQL Statements from executing in Axon with the Dynamic Inserts.

  • Disable All Outgoing Emails: Checking this option will prevent Axon from sending emails

  • Disable Password Lookups: Checking this option will disable the [USR-PASSWORD] tag that you can use in your email content to display the users password.

Edit Menu Options:

The first two sections are the POP3 and SMTP options, these set the default values for all new campaigns .  To import the SMTP settings from your Host SMTP Settings, click the "Import Host SMTP Settings " link.

Once you have configured your SMTP and POP3 settings, click "Test SMTP and POP3 Settings" link.  Axon will then attempt to connect to your POP3 server and display detailed stats as well as attempting to send a test message to your SMTP server.  A screen shot of this is below.


Campaign Visibility Options

These options control what menu options are visible in the Campaign.  The first option "Lock Down Axon" places Axon into a "Demo" mode only allowing people to view and download campaigns .

Mail Not Deliverable Reporting Options
These options control how Axon reacts to non-delivered email reports sent to your from your email server.


Additional Settings

  • Save Copies of Emails: Checking this option will save every email sent out by Axon to a table in your database.  Do not check this option unless you will be using this information external to Axon.

  • Improve Performance: Checking this option will disable the "Recipient Count" statistic in the Campaign Details screen.  Check this option if your recipient list is over 20,000 to prevent delay when opening campaigns.

  • Enable Email Read Count: This option must be checked in order to track when emails are read.  Disabling this option will prevent the Image Beacon from being inserted into your emails.

  • Enable Query String Encryption: Keep this option checked to secure your campaigns.  Un-checking this option will prevent key information from being encrypted in URL's allowing people to tamper with your campaigns. 

  • Add New Campaigns to Opt-In Lists: Checking this option will add new campaigns to all instances of the Axon Opt-In module as they are created.  You can also add a campaign to all Opt-In lists from the Campaign Details screen.

  • Show Axon Tips: Throughout Axon, detailed information on how to use Axon is displayed .  To prevent this information from showing, leave this option unchecked.