Axon Campaign Manager

The main screen of the core Axon module lists all of your Campaigns along with the total number of runs, last run date, active batches and their status. 

To work with a campaign, click the Edit link for the campaign you want to work with.

To upload an existing Axon Campaign, click the Browse button, locate the Axon Campaign file and then click Upload.

To create a new campaign, click the Create New Campaign link.

To search for all activity for a specific user, click the Search History link.   This allows you to display all information related to a specific email address with information from Axon.  It will show you...

  • Opt-Ins and Opt-Outs for all Campaigns
  • Read Receipts
  • Clicked Links
  • Thread History
  • Unsubscribes


Search History

To display all information related to a specific email address, click on the Search History link in Axon, type in the email address into the Email Address field and click Search.  All information related to that email address will be displayed in the grid.  A screen shot of this is below: