Axon Campaign Templates

Axon allows you to save/upload campaigns. This feature can also be used to backup your campaigns or to move them to other DNN web sites. Axon Campaigns are files with the “*.Campaign” file extension. You can upload these from the main screen in the core Axon  module. To download a campaign, click on the “Download Campaign” link in the Campaign Details screen.

What is a Campaign?

A campaign in Axon contains all information required for a specific newsletter or group of emails including all of your recipients, reports, files, etc.  Some campaigns may be executed once (like a newsletter promoting a new store) but others you may want to execute at set intervals (like a monthly newsletter or a weekly production report).  In Axon, you don't need to create a campaign every week, you just need to setup one campaign and schedule it to run once a week (or at any interval you specify).  Campaigns allow you to build once and use everywhere.

Setting Up Your First Campaign

To create new campaigns in Axon..
  1. Add Axon to a page on your site and click on the link “Create New Campaign” near the top of the module.
  2. Campaign Details & Schedule Options: Once the Campaign details screen opens up, fill out the fields displayed and click Save.
  3. Email Body & Other Content: After you click Save, you will notice additional tabs appear at the top of the screen allowing you access all management areas of your new Campaign. Next, click on the Body menu option and enter the contents of your email.  Optionally, add “Inserts”. To see what your email will look like when it is sent, click on Preview in the Campaign menu
  4. Recipients: Now click on the Recipients menu option and specify who should receive your new email campaign.  You can also use the Ad-Hoc Recipient Builder to add people to your campaign or the Opt-In module.
  5. Send: Finally, send your email campaign by clicking on "Run Now" in the Campaign menu or by scheduling your Campaign with the scheduling options in the main Campaign details screen.



The image below is showing the main Campaign details screen for an Auto-Response type campaign. You will see that this campaign is secured to Administrators by checking the Administrators Role in the Assigned Roles section.  This setting prevents anyone who is not in the Administrators role from accessing this campaign or obtaining information related to this campaign in the "Search History" report from the main Axon module.

Schedule Options:

  • Enable Schedule: Checking this option will place your campaign in queue for automated mailing.  If you leave this option unchecked, the Axon Schedulers will not process this campaign .  If you want to run the campaign manually, click on the Run Now menu item in the Campaign menu .

  • Send Monthly: This option will process your campaign the on the first of every month.

  • Send on Business Days: This option will process your campaign on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

  • Send Daily: This option process your campaign every day of the year.

  • Send Yearly: This option will process your campaign on the first day of every year .

  • Send Weekly: This option will process your campaign on the first day of every week.

  • Time: Axon will not send your campaign before the time you specify in this field. To change the time, click on the "clock" image next to the Time field.

  • Send Once: To send your campaign on a specific date, enter the date into the Send Once text box.  Click the "calendar" image to display a popup calendar window to make it easier to choose your date.

  • Scheduler Controlled: Checking this option will ignore all Campaign Run Schedule options except for the Enable Schedule option.  Use this for the Auto-Response, Threaded and List campaign types to allow the DNN scheduler to have full control over when your campaign is processed.