Handling Unsubscribers with Axon

Unsubscribe Email Link: There are several ways a user can unsubscribe from a campaign. They can use the Opt-In module to unsubscibe, reply to an email with the word "unsubscribe" in the subject or click a link in your email that will remove them.  To include this link in your emails, insert the text “[UNSUBSCRIBE::YOURUNSUBSCRIBEMESSAGEHERE]” in the Body of your Campaign.  For example: [UNSUBSCRIBE::Click Here To Unsubscribe]


If you use the [UNSUBSCRIBE::] tag in your Campaign Body, you should also update the Opt-Out URL in the Templates menu option of the Axon Opt-In module. When users click the link in your Campaign (replaced with your [UNSUBSCRIBE::] tag by Axon at the time the Campaign is executed), they are redirected to your site where they are removed from the Campaigns Opt-In list and optional unregistered from your site. Then they are redirected to a page of your choice, this is the page you enter into the Opt-Out URL of the Templates menu option in the Opt-In module. This page should display a confirmation notice that  they have been removed from your mailing list. By having you specify the page for this vs having Axon display a standard message, you have full control over what the users see. Take advantage of this by offering them a way to contact you to express why they are unsubscribing and maybe even try to entice them into other offers.

To enable Unsubscribes via email…

  1. Click on Edit from the core Axon module Campaign listing for your Campaign
  2. Click on SMTP/POP3 Settings from the Campaign menu
  3. Check “Enable Unsubscribe Service” in the Additional Settings section
  4. Click Save from the link at the bottom or from the Campaign menu

How Unsubscribes Are Handled In Axon

When an "Unsubscribe" is processed, they are removed from the Opt-In list (if they exist) and optionally removed from the registered users list on your site.  Axon also stored this information into a separate table for use when processing future mailings.  This allows you to allow unsubscribes when you are pulling your recipient list from other sources.  The next time your campaign is executed, anyone in the unsubscribers table for your campaign is removed from the recipients list before the campaign is processed.  Axon uses the same approach when handling Non-Delivery reports.

Using the Opt-In Module To Opt-Out

If a user belongs to a campaign you have listed for the Opt-In module, they will see a link to unsubscribe from that campaign.  If they are subscribers of multiple campaigns, they will have the option of selecting which campaigns they want to be removed from.  Click the images below to see what this looks like.