Installing Axon

Axon is a powerful new way to building relationships and communicating with your contacts.  You can always send out an email to your contacts from any email client, but you will need Axon if you want to find out who specifically read your emails, track link clicks, attach files and personalized PDF attachments, setup auto-responders and list servers, track where people came from when they subscribed to your newsletters, send a series of emails individually personalized, time controlled and system event specific with much more.  Axon brings you the next generation of email collaboration. 

DNN Modules Included

  • Axon (core module): This is the primary module where you manage all of your campaigns.
  • Axon Viewer: Provides visibility to past to published email campaigns. The intended use of this module is to allow visitors to view your newsletters online in an easy to use tool. Administrators could very well use this tool as well, but there is also a viewer in the core module.  You can also use this to display all email collaboration for one ore more List type campaigns.
  • Axon Opt-In: Allows your web site visitors to subscribe and unsubscribe from campaigns.  It also tracks user specific information (where they came from, IP address, page where they subscribed, first and last name, email address) as they subscribe that you can download as an XML file.
  • OnyakTech PDF Reports: This is a report writing module for DNN that allows you to view data (via SQL Statements) in PDF format with images, charts, rich text, attachments, text and bookmarks. Axon has the ability to generate these PDF files dynamically based on the email recipient so that you can attach user specific information to any email campaign.  Click here for more information about this module.


As on ongoing commitment to quality and perfection, all OnyakTech modules for DNN are constantly being revised to include additional minor changes as requested by our customers. Therefore; this information may be outdated by the time you read it. Please make sure you check for new releases by logging into and checking the My Downloads page in the Members tab. In the Members area, you will find information on every release as well as discussions on them in the Members Forums.

  • Web Based: Go to, log-in and click on the Support page to submit requests. You can also submit support requests from the “My OnyakTech” page in the Members tab on
  • Email: Email Your email will automatically get posted to the Support page on

Members Area (Obtain updates, Support and more)
If you have not done so already, contact to request Members Area access. If you purchase from directly, then you are given access immediately after purchase. The Members Area includes product downloads (with email notification on new minor releases), Members Forum and an area to request new features.

Installing Axon

Note this process may differ depending on the version of DNN you are using. Please read the documentation for your DNN version for accurate instructions. 
  1. Log in to your portal as Host
  2. Select “Module Definitions” from the Host menu
  3. At the top of the module under the text “Module Definitions” is a down arrow. Click on the arrow to pull up the module menu and click on “Upload New Module”
  4. Click “Browse” and find the PA you want to install. Install all four modules (the only required module is the core Axon module, all others are optional). It doesn’t matter what order you install them in.
  5. After you have selected all of the modules you want to upload, click on “Upload New File”
  6. Add the Axon Beacon Image HTTP Handler to your web.config (see details below)   This HTTP Handler is required in order to track when people read your emails.

OnyakTech Library: (Required Install) Axon requires the OnyakTech Library to be installed.  This library is easily installed like any other DNN module and allows you to disable all Emails and SQL Execution in Axon and other OnyakTech modules at the host level.

Configuring the Axon Beacon Image HTTP Module
This tracks when the emails are read. The design is very robust using a new method that is extremely accurate compared to the traditional methods. For example, one method is to request a confirmation read receipt. People can disable this read receipt in their email client. If they happen to have this feature enabled, most email clients inform the reader that a receipt has been requested. Some people see this as an invasion of their privacy and will decline the confirmation. They may also unsubscribe from your mailings. Another method is to append a query string to your image tags. This will append the query string to your IIS logs when read. The problem with this is that it requires parsing of the IIS logs. More importantly, SPAM filters check for this method and will block your email because of it. Axon uses a method that is impossible to block unless your email client completely blocks HTML. All emails in Axon contain the ability to track reads, but you must enable the HTTP Module in order for the count to get updated in your Campaign reports.

To do this, follow these steps..

  1. Open your web.config file at the root of your DNN web site directory on your server.
  2. Find the section <httpModules>
  3. Add the following entry and then save your web.config.
    <add name="AxonBeacon" type="OnyakTech.HttpModules.AxonBeacon,OnyakTech.HttpModules.AxonBeacon" />
  4. Search for section <modules>, some may have this section.  If you do, then repeat step 3 for this section as well.

Axon Schedulers

The first time you add Axon to a page on your site, Axon will automatically setup the required schedulers for you.  If you need to change the options for these schedulers or if you need to create them manually, follow the steps below.
  1. Click on Schedule from the Host menu
  2. Click Add Item to schedule from the Schedule menu.
  3. In the Full Class Name (see below)
  4. Set the remaining options to your satisfaction and click Update

There are three schedulers provided with Axon. 

  1. Class Name: OnyakTech.Axon.ProcessThreads,OnyakTech.Axon -This scheduler is responsible for handling all of the processing for Thread type campaigns. 
  2. Class Name: OnyakTech.Axon.ProcessPOPJobs,OnyakTech.Axon - This scheduler is responsible for handling all of the POP3 processing for Axon.  All List Server and AutoResponse campaigns are executed by this scheduler.  This scheduler is also responsible for processing all Non-Delivery and Unsubscribe emails in your inbox for every campaign.
  3. Class Name: OnyakTech.Axon.ProcessSMTPJobs,OnyakTech.Axon - This schedule is responsible for handling all standard "Newsletter" type campaigns.

Recommended Axon Scheduler Options:

  1. Process Threads: This time interval you set for this scheduler should be based on your campaigns and your needs based on your managed threaded campaigns. This should typically be set to run once per day.
  2. Process POP Jobs:  This scheduler should be set to run once per hour.  If you have several List type campaigns, you may want to set this to run every 20 or 30 minutes. Note that the first time a campaign is executed on a new Inbox, all emails are read, processed and stored.  To prevent any unnecessary data storage you may want to clear out your inbox before scheduling a campaign over a new inbox.
  3. Process SMTP Jobs:  This scheduler should be set to run once per day unless you have a need to run it multiple times during the day.

Never configure an Axon scheduler to run on the Application Start Event.  Axon doesn't do anything specific to your system that would require it to run at this time. 

If you have scheduled a campaign to run at a specific time, you will need to change the Scheduler Mode in your Host Settings to the Timer method.