Opt-In Manager

The Opt-In Manager is where you manage all recipients for your campaigns Opt-In list. You can...
  • Move or Copy an Opt-In list from one campaign to another
  • Add any registered user to your campaigns Opt-In list by User Name
  • Download the current Opt-In list to Excel, Word or PDF
  • Edit, Delete or add new people to your Opt-In list
  • Upload a CSV file containing Email, First Name and Last Name recipient details.


Move/Copy Opt-In Lists

  1. Select the Campaign you want to move/copy from in the Opt-In List Manager list.
  2. Select the Campaign you want to move/copy to in the Move/Copy Opt-Ins list
  3. To move the opt-ins, click Move.  To copy the opt-ins, click Copy

To add a single user by user name: Type the user name into the Add Single User text box and click "Add User"

To Edit an existing opt-in, click the "pencil" icon in the first column of the Opt-In Data Grid. 

To Delete an existing opt-in, click the "trash can" icon in the last column of the Opt-In Data Grid

To manually add a new opt-in, click on the "Add New Record" icon at the top of the Opt-In Data Grid, complete the form and click the "checkbox" icon to save.

To import a user list from a CSV file, click the Add button at the bottom of the Opt-In Manager, click Browse to locate the file and then click the Import Subscribers button.  At that time, the information in your CSV file will be imported into your Opt-In list.  Columns should be in the following order: First Name, Last Name, Email Address