The Recipients campaign menu option is the primary location where you can manage your campaigns recipients.  The Opt-In list at the top of the page is for reference only, to manage recipients in your Opt-In list, click on the "Opt-In Manager" menu option in the Recipients menu.

Fixed List: This is a static list of email address separated by a semi-colon.  There is no limit to the number of email addresses you can add to the Fixed List.

Custom List:   Enter a SQL Statement that will return email addresses in the first column. When pulling data from another database on the same server, don't forget to include the database name and database owner in the syntax when indicating the table.  Example:  Select Email From Users

Roles: Select the Roles you would like to add to your recipients list.  When your campaign executes, anyone in the roles you specify (that has not expired) will be added to the distribution list.

Global Roles: This is the same as the "Roles" selection except that it includes all roles in all portals of your DNN installation.  An example use of this would be to send out weekly reports to every Portal Administrator.