What is Axon?

Axon is an email manager for DNN.  Use Axon for marketing campaigns, email responders, email list servers, surveys, newsletters, threaded email management and custom dynamic content delivered at scheduled intervals.  Axon provides you with scheduled delivery of dynamically generated personalized emails, surveys, a robust opt-in engine, multi-threaded processing (process thousands of emails without effecting the performance of your server), read tracking and more. Axon even provides the ability to schedule email delivery in batches. It's EASY TO USE.  Campaign templates are provided to help you get started fast!

Axon helps you with:

Email Newsletters
SMS (Instant Messaging)
Email List Services and Auto-Responders
Automatic Bound Detection & Non-Delivery Processing
Threaded CRM Emails (a.k.a Drip Email Marketing)
Automated Scheduled Reporting via Email
RSS to Email
Site to Email (pull any content from any site into your emails)
Full CSS Emails Supported with Skin CSS Import Function
DNN Integrated
Attach dynamic PDF files created with OnyakTech PDF Reports
Robust Dynamic Content Generator
Track Link Clicks, Attach Files, Reporting and more!

Go to www.OnyakTech.com to download a demo version of Axon

Campaign List Tool-Tips
Email Campaign Tool-Tips
Email Campaign Charts
Email Campaign Charts
Email Body Editor
Email Body Editor
Ad-Hoc Recipients
Ad-Hoc Recipients
Customer Post Notes
Customer Post Notes
Email Opt-In Manager
Email Opt-In Manager


  • Can I send instant messages to all of my customers cell phones with Axon? Yes
  • Will Axon remove people from a mailing simply by replying to an email with the words "unsubscribe" in the subject line? Yes
  • Will Axon optionally unregister users from my site by replying to an email with "unsubscribe" in the subject line? Yes
  • Can people subscribe to more then one newsletter? Yes
  • Can people subscribe without being registered on my site? Yes
  • Will Axon optionally register subscribers in my site by providing just their email address, first and last name? Yes
  • Do you provide an easy to use module that displays recently published newsletters to campaigns I choose? Yes
  • Can I send personalized emails using SQL Statements, RSS Feeds and the recipients profile (Email, Name, etc)? Yes
  • I want to have Axon automatically send emails to my users once a month with product information that is specific to each person, can Axon do this? Yes
  • Can Axon automatically send my technicians updates to outstanding tickets they are assigned to in SigmaPro? Yes
  • Can I develop against Axon to manage batches and campaigns from my own module? Yes
  • Does Axon track the number of people who read the emails? Yes

New Features in 5.2:

  • Visual Charts: New charts were added to the Campaign Details screen giving you instant visuals on how your campaign is performing.
  • User Secured Campaigns: You can now place Axon into a Single User Campaign mode that will display only campaigns that the current user has created.
  • >Improved Reports: Campaign Reporting has been improved with new features that make it easy download any report to Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word or PDF. Also includes new options to clear out historical data in each report allowing you to reset your campaign for new reporting periods.
  • New Bulk Email Indicators:  This option will indicate to the recipient email server to skip automatically replying to messages, helps prevent your emails from being marked as spam and prevents most email servers from returning the message if it cannot be delivered.
  • Request Server Read Receipt: This will request each recipient to send a read receipt back to you at the time the email is read from the Email Server itself.  This is not the same as the Axon Read Tracking where read tracking is confirmed without recipient consent.
  • New Email Encoding Options: You can now change the encoding of your email between UTF7, UTF8, UTF32, Unicode and ASCII.
  • Reset Send Once Feature: You can now reset the Send Once indicator of your campaign if your campaign is scheduled to run only one time and has already completed it's run.
  • Copy Campaigns: You can now copy existing campaigns to new campaigns making it easy to duplicate work performed with an existing campaign.
  • Automatic Tracked Links (Time Saver!): This new feature in Axon will scan your email for any links and convert them to Tracked Links automatically for you. 
  • Campaign List ToolTips:  The Campaign List now includes advanced tool-tips providing you more information about your campaign without having to open and view each campaign individually.
  • New Opt-In Module Features: You can now hide all user fields (Email, Name, etc) displaying just the newsletters subscriptions.  Also added to the Axon Opt-In module is a new feature that will hide features that allow people to unsubscribe from subscriptions.
  • Re-Send Double Opt-In Confirmations: A new feature added to the Axon Opt-In module allows you to resend subscription confirmations to people who have subscribed to a newsletter but have not yet confirmed their subscription via email.
  • Remove Non-Readers: A new option was added to Axon that allows you to remove recipients of your campaign that have never read your emails. 

New Features in 4.0:

  • New Campaign Type: List. The List campaign type allows you to setup a group of people who can collaborate via emails.  Any email sent to the email address specified in a campaign will automatically be forwarded to everyone on the campaigns recipient list.  To create multiple lists, just create additional campaign for each list.
  • New Campaign Type: Auto-Responder. The Auto-Responder campaign type will monitor all emails sent to a specific email address you specify and respond with your templated email including any dynamic content you have added.  You can have Axon respond to all emails or only where specific keywords are found in the subject or body of an email.
  • New Campaign Type: Threaded.  With Threaded Campaigns, the focus is on each individual in the recipients list more so than the Newsletter Type. Instead of the entire recipient list receiving the same email (personalized or not), each person has their own location on a thread (a thread is a series of emails) that indicates what emails they have received, what they will receive next and when. Your Campaign ties all of the threads (a templated email) together with a purpose or strategic goal. Threads are also an ongoing communication where new recipients can start their own thread at any time where in the Newsletter Campaign Type everyone receives the email at the same time. Threads and List Campaigns Types are similar in the fact that they are both always running where a Newsletter must be scheduled. Thread Type Campaigns are used for sending people several different emails all set at different intervals. It's the same as having multiple Newsletter Type emails except that Axon keeps track of when to send each email to each individual.
  • Send New Opt-ins the current newsletter: With the Axon Opt-In module, you can optionally have all new subscribers receive the current newsletter after they opt-in.
  • Log Notes About Specific Posts:  When using the Threaded Campaign Type, you can log notes against specific people on specific posts.  This is a great way to keep track of what is going on with specific customers.
  • Track Clicked Links: You can now track links in your campaign with a report showing the total number of clicks and who clicked on each link.
  • Show Information Tips:  If your not familiar with Axon, enable the User Tips from the module options to have detailed information displayed throughout the module to help you get started fast.
  • Ad-Hoc Recipients Builder:  This new tool in Axon makes it easy to add people to your Campaign when you need to manually select people from specific DNN Roles or based on specific values in their User Profiles.  From the Recipients tab in an Axon Campaign, you can select Roles, set a fixed list, enter SQL to obtain your list of recipients, this Ad-Hoc Builder makes it easier to fine-tune your recipients list without having to play around with Excel files and upload it into the List Manager of Axon.
  • File Attachments: You can now attach multiple files to your campaign emails.
  • Sample Dynamic Inserts: You can now select from several Dynamic Insert Templates included in Axon to help you understand the power of Dynamic Inserts and to give you a quick start to building your campaign.
  • Easy RSS Feeds:  Adding RSS Feeds to your emails is easier now with Axon.  Just enter the RSS Feed URL and click to add it to your campaign. Additional options include limiting the number of items displayed, CSS Class to control what your RSS Feed will look like in your email and optionally display the header, category and publication date.
  • Multiple RSS Feeds:  You now have no limits the number of RSS Feeds you can add to a single campaign.
  • Add CSS Styles:  You can now style your Campaign with CSS styles.
  • Import Portal Skin CSS:  With the click of a button, you can now import your current sites CSS Styles.  This makes it very easy to make emails sent by Axon to look exactly like your web site!
  • Live Run Improved:  You can now cancel Live Runs, stopping the current process from sending any additional emails.  Note: Live Run executes your campaign in it's own thread allowing you to send hundreds of thousands of emails without any loss of web site performance or time-outs.   You can also have your campaigns executed from the DNN Scheduler.
  • Complete User History:  You can now view a complete history of any email address across all campaigns.  Includes Opt-In records, read trackings, Link clicks, Thread Posts and unsubscribes.
  • Non-Delivery Reporting Improved: Axon changes how non-delivery emails are processed and runs in it's own scheduler to give you constant monitoring of failed email deliveries.
  • HTML Decode or Encode Dynamic Content:  You can now HTML Encode or Decode content from Dynamic Inserts.  For those who are pulling information from Text/HTML modules or the like.
  • Secured Campaigns By DNN Roles: You can now secure campaigns by DNN Roles.   This will prevent unauthorized people from working with specific Campaigns or viewing user history information related to the campaign you secure.
  • Recorded Unsubscribers: When someone unsubscribes from a campaign, the information is now posted to a table that you can use external to Axon or for reporting with Dynamic Content.
  • Send on Business Days Only:  You can now schedule campaigns to run on Business Days only.
  • Send at a specific time of the day:  You can now indicate what time a campaign should run.
  • DNN Schedule Controlled: You can now bypass all Axon scheduling options and control when a campaign runs from the DNN scheduler.
  • Save Content Templates:  You can now save any email body content in a campaign as a template for use in other campaigns in Axon.  This means you no longer need to copy or upload an entire campaign to duplicate it's email body, just select an existing template you have previously saved and click to import.
  • Dynamic Subject Line:  You can now use the personalization tags in Axon with your email Subject lines.  Making it easy to create email subjects like "Hi Bob, we have good news for you" or "Special Discount for Lisa Miller"
  • POP3 Inbox Report:  You can now view a complete listing of all emails processed by Axon from your inbox.
  • Improved Reports:  Axon introduces a new Reporting menu that includes some of the existing reports and many new reports.
  • Event Log Report: This report provides a complete detailed log of all "behind the scenes" activities regarding your campaign.
  • Run History Report: This report provides a log of each emailed run of your campaign with the ability to view each email runs content.
  • Tracked Link Clicks Report:  This report provides a complete history of all clicked links you are tracking in your campaign.
  • Read Tracking Report:  This report provides a full list of everyone who has read your email.  Report includes user profile information if they are registered users on your site as well as IP Address and Web Browser types.
  • Failed Delivery Report:  This report gives you a full listing of all failed deliveries tracked by your campaign along with the action Axon took to remove the invalid email address from your recipients list and it's status.
  • Processed Inbox Emails:  A complete list of all emails processed by Axon related to your campaign.
  • Unsubscribers Report:  This report gives you a complete list of everyone that has unsubscribed from your campaign along with any actions Axon executed related to the event and the status.


  • Double Opt-In, with confirmation page.
  • Opt-Out link in emails with confirmation page.
  • Double Opt-In Email Template with tags (CampaignName, FirstName, LastName, Link).
  • Individual Campaign SMTP/POP3 Settings. Default SMTP/POP3 settings for new campaigns can be set from the Edit module menu option.
  • New User interface changes for Opt-Ins handling single or multiple Opt-Ins.
  • List Manager (Add/Remove/Edit Opt-Ins).
  • List Manager (Add single user to list).
  • List Manager (Copy entire list to another list).
  • List Manager (Move entire list to another list).
  • List Manager (Export to Excel, Word, PDF, CSV).
  • List Manager (Import multiple CSV files at one time to a list).
  • List Manager usable from the Opt-In module men and from the Campaign menu.
  • New User Interface for the core Axon module.
  • Ability to remove individual Runs.
  • Ability to remove all runs for a campaign.
  • New Failed Delivery Reporting with the option of deleting ND Emails, unregister related user, remove all related Opt-Ins. Failed Delivery report visible from the campaign menu.
  • Ability to remove individual non-delivery reports.
  • Ability to remove all non-delivery reports.
  • Ability to cancel an active batch.
  • Ability to preview campaign emails before executing a run.
  • New Real-Time (AJAX) status monitor when executing a campaign from the "Run Now" option.
  • Scheduler is automatically added to your DNN installation for you to make setup easier.
  • Ability to set the email format type: HTML or Text.
  • Hide Campaign Menu options to prevent users from accessing SMTP/POP3 Settings, Dynamic Content, Survey settings and more.

eDrip Manager
eDrip Manager
eDrip Setup
eDrip Setup
Campaign List
Campaign List
Inbox Log
Inbox Log
Campaign Menu
Campaign Menu
Read Tracking
Read Tracking
Live Run
Live Run
Email Recipients
Email Recipients
Dynamic Content
Dynamic Content
File Attachments
File Attachments
Campaign Details
Campaign Details
CSS Styles
CSS Styles
Mailing Lists Mailing lists are easy to maintain through the use of DNN Roles, Global Roles (Roles that exist in more then one portal), Custom Lists stored in your database, Opt-Ins and even a fixed list. Save/Load Campaigns Download entire email campaigns to a single file that can be used on another site or as a template for new campaigns. Swap with your friends and download additional campaigns from www.OnyakTech.com.
Track Read Responses Axon contains a very robust read tracking system that uses modern techniques to bypass SPAM detection. Providing an extremely accurate read count tracking. Metrics Metrics are tracked and displayed on the Campaign Details screen. Total reads for the current run, total emails, total runs and more.
Opt-In Registration To handle Opt-Ins, Axon includes an additional module just for Opt-Ins. Registered or not, your visitors can easily subscribe to your email campaigns using AJAX enabled interfaces. Collecting the visitors email address, first name, last name and the option to register the visitor to your site behind the scenes making this a very powerful and easy to use opt-in module. Complete Run History A complete history of every email run is stored and visible from the Runs tab on the Campaign Details screen. View the email content, date of the run and total number of emails published.
Easy Unsubscribe Visitors can opt-out of mailings using the